Paradise Galleries Lifelike Realistic Baby Doll, Mia Mouse 4 Piece Gift Ensemble, 21-inch Weighted Baby in Silicone-Like Vinyl

Product Features

  • Sculpted by the Paradise Galleries Master Carver to be as realistic as can be determining 21 inches from visit toe
  • Handcrafted to be extraordinarily natural with the Flex Touch Vinyl and feels wonderfully reasonable with a weighted fabric body
  • This sensible baby doll has actually stunning hand set blue eyes, hand painted details, hand applied eyelashes and a handpainted hair for the sensible newborn look!Silicone -like
  • Flex Touch Vinyl is an innovative material with silicone base creating a texture that is as "soft as a child's bottom" supplying a delicate and realistic skin tone. The limbs are made from pure Flex Touch Vinyl while the head is produced in an impressive 2-step procedure providing it the result of fragile skin on the facial features. This Vinyl is then ended up by artists hand-painting the gentle information bringing the child to "life".
  • Vinyl Head, 3/4 Vinyl Arms and 3/4 Vinyl Legs
Old Price: $99.95
(as of 12/13/2017 07:15 UTC - Details)

Product Description

Presenting Mia Mouse the latest little addition to our nursery. She has brilliant blue eyes that peer oddly from below her adorable hoodie. Two plump blushed cheeks hug either side of her lovable litt

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