Paradise Galleries Prince George Baby Doll, Royal Baby Prince, 22 inch in Silicone-like Flex Touch Vinyl

Product Features

  • Very sensible and realistic, this cute 22 inch infant kid (13 inches seated) was lovingly sculpted by Paradise Galleries' studio artist
  • Royal Baby Prince was artfully handcrafted from our exclusive NEW material Flex-Touch vinyl to look similar to a genuine baby!Flex -Touch Vinyl is" soft as a baby's bottom "supplying a delicate texture and sensible complexion. The limbs are made from pure Flex-Touch Vinyl while the head is produced in an exceptional 2 step procedure giving it the result of a delicate skin on the facial features.He includes a weighted soft fabric body for the most lifelike feel when you cuddle him close He has beautiful handset blue eyes, hand painted information,
  • hand applied eyelashes and a completely hand painted hair to achieve the genuine newborn appearance
New Price: $99.99
Old Price: $99.99
(as of 12/14/2017 06:23 UTC - Details)

Product Description

He is certainly the cutest and most sensible Prince George infant doll you will ever see! For nine months the world long awaited to meet the brand-new edition to the Royal Family! On July, 22 2013, b

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